“In the Garden of Excess'', Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka

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‘‘In the Garden of Excess’’, Janette Cervin (Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka)

 Otago Daily Times20 Apr 2017

Floral Fantasia, by Janette Cervin

JANETTE CERVIN has temporarily transformed Wanaka’s Gallery Thirty Three into an enchanted garden, with a collection of works that seem to capture the attention of every person who visits the space. Painting on metal and layers of resin, Cervin combines realism and surrealism with effortless ease, crowding her picture plane with a rich tapestry of birds, butterflies and flowers that would not bloom together in nature but flourish in abundance in this imaginative world.

The light reflecting off the resin adds to the internal glow of the pieces, but Cervin’s handling of colour produces such luminosity and richness that it acts as its own spotlight. That intensity and harmony invests pieces such as Floral Fantasia and Luscious Blooms with an almost unearthly beauty. The layering technique creates a complicated perception of depth, as if with some works it would be possible to step into the scene and become enveloped by the depicted gardens, while others appear as if everything is clustering as far forward as possible, pushing out from the surface.